Why Eden Belle?

Hi! I’m Shanna. I am a wife and a mother to six children, four girls and two boys. I have always loved makeup and skincare but never really found a skincare line that worked for me. We created Eden Belle with the help of a milk chemist to help women discover their beauty both inside and out!

Eden Belle got its name for a couple of reasons. I love the name Eden and all it represents. Beauty started in Eden. It took many different types of flowers to make Eden beautiful, it wasn’t just one type of flower. That is what we wanted it to portray to people when they thought of the name Eden Belle, that all women, like all flower bring about beauty. It is also the name of one of my daughters.

Belle means beauty. But, I originally thought of the name Belle because of my love for the story of Beauty and the Beast. Belle is my favorite princess!

Eden Belle was created to empower women. To remind women that beauty comes in all different forms. To show women that all types of beauty are important. And when we all work together, we make the world a more beautiful place.

Eden Belle is the idea of bringing beauty to back the natural state, back to Eden.