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      Milk Lip Balm

      Give your lips some restoration and your breath some fresh aromas with our minty lip balm. Mint is therapeutic and calming making it a great choice for everybody. Your lips will also appear fuller as mint oil draws blood flow to them.

      Travel Kit

      Keep the travel kit ready to go on your adventures in order to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant while you travel. It’s important to take care of the environment, so please reuse the containers! Our reusable travel kit includes our: Milk-based cleanser -...

      Cleansing and Toning Wipes

      Great for gently removing makeup - even stubborn mascara. These super-soft facial wipes are perfect for home, gym, work, and travel. Our 4-in-1 biodegradable bamboo cloths cleanse, tone, gently exfoliate, and moisturize. The Milk Tech in all of our products restores your skin to its natural pH balance, helping...

      Milk Shampoo

      Restore your hair to its natural, healthy beauty. Our unique, milk-based shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse your hair of residue, allowing for soft, silky hair that is strengthened and nurtured Mother Nature's way. *For best results, wash your hair 2 times! It really does...

      Milk Conditioner

      A natural way to moisturize your hair, our milk-based conditioner is Mother Nature's way to help soften and strengthen your hair. This special formula will help moisturize your hair back to its natural and healthy beauty.