Take a minute to just breathe! Have you ever really tried to do that? With kids, school, work, the husband and many other things that life throws at you, sometimes it's hard to just take a second and breathe.

I’m guilty of pushing myself to the breaking point. I do it all the time. I am grateful to have a husband who recognizes, even before I do myself, that I am reaching that point. 

So we have had a crazy, busy summer. We have spent time in a lake house up in Bear Lake and we have had the opportunity to just be up there this summer. It has been so fun and so relaxing. We also had to opportunity to bring my husband’s family up to the lake and had a great weekend with them. But it has been nonstop. I knew we needed to get home to get the kids ready for school and my oldest had orientation at high school. We were supposed to head home on a Wednesday night but my husband suggested that we stay and he would get up early and take whomever needed to be home and then come back up and help me clean the house.

Well they were out the door by 6:30 and Samuel made it to his orientation. Joshua called me about 9 and said just take the day to yourself. I only had 3 kids and could just relax. So that is what I did. The kids played outside and in the basement and pretty much just ate cereal all day! I read a book!

Joshua was going to come back up to pick us up and to help clean, but my dad called and asked if we could bring his truck down because he had some stuff he wanted to bring up to the house. So I told Joshua not to come back up. He told me to stay an extra day and come home Friday. But I couldn’t do it! We cleaned up Thursday afternoon and then drove home that night. 

It wouldn’t really have made the difference to stay another night but I was worried about getting everyone ready for school and wondered if I had forgotten things that needed doing at home. Looking back now, I could have stayed and it wouldn’t have been a problem and probably more helpful to myself.

So I have tried to get myself to just “breathe” more. Just take a moment. One of those best moments is when I clean my face at night. But I try to slow down my breathing, focus on it, and relax myself. 

It’s hard to find those moments but we all deserve those moments. All it takes is a few simple breaths to calm yourself and get back in the game. When you take care of you, you can then take care of others. Make time for yourself, you won’t regret it. And give me some of your ideas. I’d love to know other ways I can just “breathe” for a moment.