summer skin care tips

We are about half way through the summer months. Those UV rays, long days & pool days can do some damage. Is your skin feeling sun-baked and dull? If your skin needs a little TLC follow these three tips to restore the natural glow and softness of your skin:


Use a cleanser like our Milk Cleanser that will exfoliate your dead skin away. Our cleanser exfoliates differently than your typical exfoliant. Our non-foaming cleanser will gently remove the dead skin while simultaneously strengthening skin cell growth. This cleanser is essential for all our gals who love the pool! Say goodbye to the harsh effects of pool water! Our cleanser will exfoliate & hydrate your skin, leaving a clean & soft complexion!


Tone up that summer skin by misting a toner to your clean, dry face. Find an alcohol-free toner that will firm up your skin. Our Milk Toner has aloe vera which should automatically be apart of your summer survival kit. The other ingredients like witch hazel & our Milk Tech, along with other vitamins & minerals help tighten pores & reduce breakouts.


In addition to drinking lots of water, it’s important to use a cream that will keep your skin from getting that leathery feel from too much sun. We recommend using our Milk Hydrating Creme because it can moisturize even the driest skin but won’t over moisturize other skin types. Our natural blend of skin softeners like honey, witch hazel & avocado will leave your skin glowing & nourished without that greasy feel or look!

These three tips are a quick & easy way to keep your summer skin glowing & fresh. You can easily do them each day, whether you are on vacation or at home. We are definitely partial to our skin care products - we have seen our own skin improve and love the way they make us feel. They are made using natural products that are gentle for your skin, so treat your skin to some Summer TLC with our Milk Tech Trio.