Summer is officially here! So whether you’re lounging around on the beach or taking a swim in the pool, summertime is a season that can have all kinds of effects on your hair. Chlorine, heat temperatures, & sand are elements that can damage your locks & contribute to unhealthy hair. Here are some secrets & tips we gathered to help you maintain & keep your hair strong all summer long: 
  1. Get rid of build-up - Swimming is such a major part of summer, but chlorine & sea/lake water can create build-up in your hair. You can wash out any build-up or residue naturally with apple cider vinegar. Just pour 1-2 cups over the roots of your hair & let it sit for 2-3 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo & conditioner.
  2. Minimal usage of hair tools - Blow dryers, hair straighteners, & styling wands are all helpful tools, but during the summer months, the usage of these tools PLUS the summer rays & heat, will dry out your hair. Instead, let your hair air dry & if you want textured hair, braid your hair for summer beach waves & simply add in heat protectant, hair serum, or sea salt spray.  
  3. Hydrating shampoo - We said it before & we'll say it again. Summer wouldn't be the same without swimming!! Chlorine & saltwater can lead to dry hair & a dry scalp. Switch your regular products to our hydrating Milk Shampoo & Conditioner to give your hair & scalp the hydration it needs.
  4. Double shampoo wash - Since we’re talking about shampoo, another tip is to wash your hair with shampoo twice in one shower session. This will allow any sand from the beach or chlorine from the pool to fully wash out of your hair & strip your hair of any impurities or natural build-up. Then, finish with a hydrating conditioner like our Milk Conditioner. 
  5. Hair masks - From washing your hair to swimming, it may seem like you’re in water almost every day. By this logic, your hair would be damaged & dry, so the best remedy is to use a hair mask conditioner at least once a week to bring moisture & life back into your hair. Our favorite way to mask is by leaving a little bit of the Hydrating Milk Conditioner in the bottom half of our hair. You'll be amazed at the hydration!
  6. Baby powder - Oily hair getting the better of you during summer? Well, baby powder can fix that & can be used as a dry shampoo. Simply use baby powder the night before and let it absorb any oils & impurities overnight. The next morning, simply brush it out & style your hair as usual. 
  7. Hats - You’re probably wondering why we included hats in our list, right? Well not only are hats stylish when paired with a cute summer outfit or suit, but hats can also protect your hair from direct sunlight. Whether you’re hiking or in the water, hats make a great piece to add to your summer wardrobe & hair care routine. 
The best defense against damaged hair is to find treatments & adapt them into your hair care routine. We hope you incorporate our summer hair care tips & secrets into your hair care routine to help keep your hair healthy & strong. Enjoy your summer!