"I don't know if the pics show the difference very well, but I felt like I have a new face after just 1 week my skin was "glowing"!!! Eden Belle was a lifesaver! The moisturizer is exactly what my super dry skin needed, maybe some people would think its too thick, but I love it! My face is so dry, especially in winter...it used to still feel "crackly" after moisturizer, I'd have to apply it at least twice....not anymore! Sometimes the Eden Belle moisturizer made my skin a little too shiny, but I think that's evened out over time. I did start using a Norwex microfiber body cloth at the same time to wipe off the milk cleanser, I think that did help with exfoliating & the renewal process. I haven't used a toner in years, I love it! I forgot to use it one day & never forgot since, it feels SO amazing! Also, my skin is super sensitive (like allergies/rashes/eczema) pop up sometimes when I try something new, but I was so happy Eden Belle didn't bother my skin at all 😊 Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it out! Great product!"