In January, most of us spend some time working on new goals or setting up new routines. I believe the same thing happens in August as the “new” School year begins. It gives everyone the chance to restart the routines and goals that they started in January. Regardless of having kids in school, I think now is a great time to start a morning routine.

I always seem to be on the go, running a business and having six kids will do that to you! I tried to start a morning routine in January and did pretty good. But I didn’t realize how powerful and helpful it was until just recently. 

I watched a short clip about making sure you fill your own batteries before you can fill another person's and how it is better to take time for yourself so you can really be there for others. So I started going to an aerobics class with my sister. It was a blast and I enjoyed our time together. But the gym changed ownership and I didn’t renew. I started walking in the morning instead. Just me and whatever book I could listen to (okay, sometimes I listen to T.V. shows too 😉). I didn’t think I would take to it like I did, but I love getting up early now and taking a walk by myself! I started with about a 20-minute walk but have worked my way up to about an hour. If I can’t make it that long, I don’t beat myself up, I just enjoy the time I have.

But, I have found that it grounds me. I can handle more than I thought I could and some of the stresses that would have stressed me out, do not bother me as much (at least most days). I think the thing that helped me start this was just adding one thing at a time. I didn’t change my whole morning routine, although I wanted to. I knew that that would overwhelm me and that I am the type of person who likes to perfect things. So once I have “perfected” one item that I want to add to my morning routine, I’ll add another and just build on them. 

So as we go throughout August, I would love to know what you are adding to your morning routine. What one change are you going to make to give yourself a much-needed break? Because we all need breaks, we all need time to find ourselves. We need a moment to just . . . BREATHE!

Comment below and tell me your moment.