What I Love About Eden Belle:
"I've struggled with eczema my entire life, especially on my face. It's tough, because I love a full face of makeup and I'd die to get my hands on the newest beauty and skincare products, but I have to be very careful with what goes on my face. Most of my adult 'skincare' routine consisted of a dermatologist recommended cream paired with a medicated ointment. It sucked! Thankfully, Eden Belle is gentle enough and doesn't irritate my skin at all. It's a bonus that is smells so good!" 
A Little More About Me:
"Working in New York City is a dream. I've lived about 50 minutes away from the city for most of my life - now I'm even closer - and I still look up at the buildings and get chills. It can be overwhelming - the number of people you pass every day, the thousands of places you can end up in any day of the week. But if you have big plans for yourself, this is the place to be."
Dianna (@dialbanese)