Ever wake up in the morning and just...NOT ... feel like gluing your eyelashes on?! I know I do 99% of the time. Your eyes are the main focus of your face and that makes them pretty important in your makeup routine, so let's get to the bottom of which mascaras will give us those BIG, LONG, FLUTTERY lashes without the sticky glue. All eyes are gorgeous and this article is all about finding the right mascara formula to have your eyes grabbing EVERYONE'S attention! So if you have eyeballs keep on reading sister!

Short lashes- Thrive Cosmetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara


LADIES!!! This mascara is so amazing *heart eyes*there is a reason that it holds the title of Winner of the Prevention Beauty Awards for 2019 for Best Mascara. They have earned it! This mascara lengthens like no other using fibers to attach and elongate your own lashes. So yes this is a game changer for short lashes. This mascara is cruelty free AND non flake formula approved. Not to mention the glossy finish is GORGEOUS! The icing on the cake is that it contains no sulfates or parabens to harm your natural lashes. Check out the link to see the before and after photos *so impressive* and to watch a video of application to further be amazed.



Alright lovelies on to the next one…


Light Lashes- L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara


This mascara has earned its spot! Highly respected makeup artists like Jaclynn Hill RAVE about how dark it gets your lashes. No other mascara compares to its pigment. She says, it's the blackest black you can get! She even applies it over her other mascaras just to make sure she gets that dark color. She uses the shade Carbon Black and if you have light lashes ladies then you should too! Let Jaclynn Hill prove her point about this dark finish below.



Straight Lashes- Benefit Roller Lash


Ok girls this is your mascara if you have straight lashes. Bottom line! This mascara has been up against some big name brands and always takes first place when in comparison to curl. This is a product that never disappoints when trying to get those stubborn straight lashes to lift. The FLIRTY curl this formula delivers is SO cute and we are obsessed! This is a mascara that is perfect for on the go getting ready. It is a one swipe and ready for the day mascara. The curl opens and wakes up your whole appearance. Definitely a must have! Don't take our word for it though, well actually yes you should… but go check it out and see the magic for yourselves from makeup artist Kelsey Simone. She shows you how this product is perfect for a “no-makeup” natural look.



Thin Lashes- Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara


No one likes drama, except when it's on those lashes baby girl!! This mascara swept the floor with competitors in the volume category when tested out. First of all LOOK at that brush! It is so thick and plush, no lash gets left behind, ever. It has max density for dangerously BOLD lashes. So in love. This mascara also does not smudge, it stays fabulous all day long while at the same time having a formula that is easy to remove. Perfect combination! Get out your little black dress and coat those lashes because this mascara is meant for date night! Or… just looking fabulous because well… you are, cutie! This comes in brown and black so you can choose the *BAM* effect for your lashes.


Mascara is SUPER important! Your eyes are so gorgeous, so show them off! Trust us when we say these are the best mascaras for 2020, so go into this year glamorous and confident… batting those lashes wherever you go. Knocking everyone’s socks off in the process *wink wink*.


Much love,

Eden Belle