The drama of having your purse overcrowded with things you don't need… but might need?! How do you know what to actually put in your purse to be ready for any situation? The worst is lugging around unessential items with the hopes of them being needed but never are. Orrr when you go into your overfilled pouch and what you do need is of course NOT in your bag, thanks universe. Haha but really girls what do we actually need so that we are not carrying around a Mary Poppins bag everywhere we go? Well let's find out!... *sigh of relief*


1. Skin essentials.. But mini and functional!


First things first! We do not put our skin at risk.. It's after all something we wear well, forever.. And last time I checked all you ladies have skin..on your face...SO, let's make sure we have some type of HEALTHY mini trio skin care set in our purse. It's essential.


This is number one on our list of must haves because healthy skin is always on our list for boosted confidence. We have to make sure we are prepared to care for our skin even on the go. No matter if you forget it in your overnight bag or are out and about needing to take care of your skin in the car, a mini set is vital. Bringing proteins and nutrients for your skin wherever you go… YES we support that!


 2. Cleansing and Toning wipes


We have ALL been in a situation, more often than not, where we are in dire need of a bathroom sink and some face wash. Heaven forbid our skin gets oily and collects dirt (it totally does girls, all day long).. Or we have been in the annoying situation where our makeup we spent the morning on has smeared or ran during our night out dancing or during our day working hard and killing it like all of us do! SO, let's fix this problem in two seconds wherever we are! Cleansing and toning wipes made it in our must haves because they are so convenient!! Not to mention a total lifesaver in MANY situations.



3. Compact hair brush with Mirror


Windy weather is a good hair day’s WORST enemy.. So let's be prepared for it. If you wear your hair down or up you understand the pain of trying to keep it looking decent all day long. In a fantasy world all of us go around all day looking the saem as we did when we gave ourselves the approval in the morning after getting hair and makeup done! Baby this is no fantasy world .. We have something called tangles and fly aways. We have to be tough and fight back! Snag one of these, they are only a few dollars,  and you can keep those luscious locks in check.


4. Aspirin or Tylenol

Getting a headache can slow you down, and lovelies we just don't have time for that! Don't let headaches put a damper on your precious spent time, let's plan ahead. Having this simple medicine in your purse.. That also comes in cute mini bottles.. *heart eyes* is perfect and VERY practical for your purse space. Let's expel that headache and get back to everything you wanted to get done.



5. Travel Size Deodorant


This item made the list for obvious reasons, plus these little guys are only like a buck at the drugstore! They are definitely essential to have a spot in your purse. Sometimes we forget to put it on in the morning or honestly sometimes life has us running so fast we havet showered in a few days.. (this is a judgement free zone)! Just having it with you all the time to apply or reapply is a lifesaver and we know you'll appreciate having it on hand! I am not saying being stinky is not allowed, I am only saying that smelling fresh is available no matter your schedule.


6. Lipstick or Lip Gloss


This can take you from the office to dinner plans in a second! Lipstick or lip gloss gives your look that POP! It makes you look more awake and put together for the day. When you have one of your faves in your purse its easy to apply it in the car in just seconds. We highly recommend this one as a must have because a pop of glow or color can turn confidence on and change your whole day! Remember gorgeous, lipstick can't solve all your problems but it is a pretty good start... and of course true beauty comes from within but lipstick just adds a little pizzazz!



7. Sun screen


Last but NOT least is sunscreen. I saved this one for last because most of us already know how important it is to protect our skin from sun damage. Sunspots are not on a woman's wish list.. So make sure you are preventing them. Having sunscreen in your purse protects you from sun damage outside and even while driving in the car. The window can magnify the sun's rays and do some real unwanted damage while you are headed to the grocery store. Sunscreen accessibility is crucial for anti-aging and an even skin tone! Everyone can always use a reminder of this. We recommend using a mineral based sunscreen.


We hope that 2020 will be the year your purse is not filled with unnecessary items and more filled with essentials, things that you actually need and use for your day to go better! These items can save the day for you and it won't take long for you to need all of them on the go, we want every woman to have a healthy lifestyle and that can start with your purse. We tend to always have it with us so let's make it practical and steer us in the right direction.


Much love,

Eden Belle