Alcohol based products

I'm sure you lovely ladies knew this one would be on the list! Alcohol completely dry out your skin and age it dramatically, something nobody wants. PERIOD. Alcohol leaves us with a dull complexion and those annoying dry spots. Note that these include powerful fragrances as well. Dr. Russak advises . “I would highly recommend weeding out ingredients like alcohol and fragrance,” says Dr. Russak. “Many toners and creams have alcohol, which can deplete your skin’s moisturizer levels, leading to irritated, itchy skin."

Old Sunscreen --- AKA last year's

We feel you when you have that urge to not let ANYTHING go to waste, but old sunscreen has got to be trashed. Here is why! Sunscreen has an expiration date, yes… BUT even though that date has past sunscreen is exposed to a lot of heat, on the beach, in your car and at the pool. This damages it and makes it not as effective. Dr. Akhavan says "Even if they haven't expired, sunscreen is often exposed to high temperatures and moisture that can alter its consistency and composition, making it less effective." This is why she tells her patients to buy a fresh bottle every season. Sun RUINS your skin and is quite literally its worst nightmare so we cannot risk anything but full protection.

Exfoliating scrubs with nut particles

Sorry Kylie Jenner but your walnut scrub cannot be in our bathroom closet! Here is why from Dr. Russak “For any skin type, most exfoliating scrubs with nut particles are damaging for your skin in the long run, they may make skin feel smoother, but in reality, these particles may not be entirely smooth and can scratch the skin’s surface, inhibiting the barrier, causing irritation and dryness and leading to breakouts.” Instead we need to be sticking to a chemical exfoliation to break down the dead skin instead of ripping and tearing our skin. The glycolic acid breaks down the dead instead of scraping and causing DAMAGE!

PURE Coconut Oil

Alright don't freak out, we love coconut oil just as much as you do! We also love coconut drinks, the beach and warm sand between our toes.. Ahhh. Anyways, the problem is that it is so oily and can be a really harmful choice if you suffer from oily skin. When it is in its pure form and not mixed with other compounds it increases the risk of breakouts and acne, which no one wants. This goes for all pure plant based oils being applied directly to the face.

Pore Strips

Yes, yes, yes… it is so satisfying to see all the gunk pulled out from the top of your nose and  blackheads you little nasty! Haha we are all guilty! Here is the thing though beauties, though it may appear as though you are cleaning and accomplishing this great skin care obstacle you aren't… Dr. Julie Russak teaches that “If your pores are clogged, it is usually deeper down in the skin than you would think and only a deep-cleaning medical facial with steam and extractions or a hydrafusion facial [with suction], would help.” So yes the facial does cost more money but we are only trying to save you from wasting your dollars on a product that is just a hype.