5 Must See Chick Flicks for V-Day

Whether or not love is in the air this year these movies are guaranteed to make your Valentine's Day fun! Here it is ladies.. 5 must see Chick Flicks to celebrate this year's day of love!

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


Why do we love this movie?! First of all because it is absolutely hilarious. Kate Hudson is sarcastic and loud leaving us hysterical while Mathew McConaughey is witty yet composed making the tension that much more funny. This movie is fun and NOT sappy in the least bit. It's perfect for making sure you feel nothing but laughter and light heartedness on Valentines Day. So grab some popcorn and rent this dime, you won't be disappointed in following this funny, rocky and unexpected journey these two go on!

 Valentine’s Day


This movie made our list.. Well because literally the title. JK there are actual validated reasons haha! We have one word for this movie and that is RELATABLE!! This movie is a perfect one for a large group! This exciting, hilarious and romantic movie follows the journey of all sorts of different couples and we LOVE it. No matter your age or relationship status this movie is a win! There are also a plethora of HUGE movie star names in this show making the acting five stars along with the storyline. 


This movie made our top five because of the beauty in the brave journey Julia Roberts takes through Europe. This movie is all about taking risks for yourself and fighting for your own mental health and happiness. She gives confidence and peace to all who watch this film as she exposes herself to her fears and her self acceptance adventure. This movie has all the valentines day must haves, it is romantic AND teaches love. The most important kind, loving yourself despite your flaws and imperfections and choosing to be HAPPY! Simply happy. It is a beautiful story that everyone can learn life lessons from.

 13 Going on 30

This movie made our list because it is SERIOUSLY the cutest, just like all of us *Winky face* No but really this is an adorable film and leaves you feeling like a little girl again, it takes you back to your roots and teaches you that happiness was so simple all along. Jenna takes us through her career driven high society life that she wished for when she was 13… except one problem, none of that is really what makes any of us happy. Money didn't make her happy, fake friends didnt make her happy, a nice car didn't make her happy, a famous boyfriend didn't make her happy… you get the picture. She learns to appreciate what was right in front of her this entire time instead of wishing for something different. Oh ya.. She finds love along the way.. XOXO

The Notebook


Let's be honest, our list would NOT be complete without this classic. This love story is so pure and so romantic and so true and so perfect and so…. Ahhh *heart eyes*. Basically this movie will make you cry. It will make you cry because you will follow the deep, true, lasting love of Rahcel McAdams (Allie) and Ryan Gosling (Noah) until their last day on this earth. It is beautiful. This movie reminds everyone that true love exists and takes LOTS of work, but inevitably is worth fighting for.


Happy Valentines Day beauties! Eden Belle hopes you have an amazing day and that you treat yourself to your favorite dinner, chocolate, flowers and of course movies. We hope these suggestions helped and we promise they are all worth watching! Valentine's Day is so much more than just being in a relationship, it's reminding all of us to love each other and ourselves. It reminds us to be kind and hopeful <3

Much Love,

Eden Belle


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