Spring is well on its way… Thank goodness! we. are. freezing!! Once Christmas and New Years is over girls, Eden Belle is READY for warm weather again. So we have put together the top 5 Easter dresses for you that are definitely going to be finding their way into our closets sooner than later. Let's face it these pastel spring colors are to die for and they make EVERY women and EVERY skin tone glow *cue the glitter*


The Daffodil- Neesee's Dresses



We are in LOVE with this color and detail of this dress. The soft coral is gorgeous and we are living for it. This dress is simple yet elegant. Polka dot sleeves, ruffle along the shoulder and neck meanwhile we have the adorable cinched waist with the loose bow tied around the neck. This dress has simple and dainty details making it a perfect spring choice! Not to be cheesy but we are totally crushing for this coral *heart eyes*


The Skylar- Neesees Dresses


Another adorable spring dress from Neesees Dresses made our top five! Once again.. The DETAILS!! So stinking cute and look how flattering this fit is. We first of all love how it falls at the knees, AND we love the petal sleeves. So flattering. Ladies we haven't even talked about the color yet, so pretty! SO pretty! This pastel baby blue is giving us all the spring feels and we are soaking them right up!

Lace Midi Dress in Ivory- Bohme Boutique

What would a must-have dress list for this spring EVEN BE without a classic and classy white lace dress. We love this simple and elegant cut, we love the full lace and unfinished bottom,  and finally we love you!! So we obviously want you to feel confident and look your best, which can we just say ANYONE can do in a white dress like this!! This is a perfect spring dress because it is comfortable, flowing and short while at the same time staying modest and mature. So perfect! 

Bowers Dress Pink- Olive Ave Boutique

This dress made our list because of the GORGEOUS pattern of spring flowers!! We love the pops of coral pink with the subtle olive and then other pops of teal.. So cute! We also were in awe at the cut and style of this dress. It has buttons going all the way down the dress adding elegant detail. The ruffle and cinched neck and wrists are unique making this dress the subtle center of attention. You'll be blooming with beauty just like the flowers starting to pop out of the ground.

Taralyn Dress Lavender- Olive Ave Boutique


This adorable lavender dress has all the comfort check points while still being beautiful. It has a flowing pioneer skirt bottom with a fitted top accentuating at the waist. We love the color lavender and love how it has little flowers with pops of green and pink. CUTE!! This dress is short sleeved but it definitely provides a longer short sleeve than the usual. It is great on anyone because of the color! This shade of lavender isn't too light but also isn't too dark it is a perfect middle tone.


We hope everyone is as excited for spring as we are! These dresses are gorgeous and the pastel colors make you glow! If you end up grabbing a new spring dress no matter if its on our list please show us, we would love to see you beauties!! Tag us on Instagram in the post @edenbellebeauty


Much love,

Eden Belle